Submission Guidelines

Thank you for Joining our 111 Morning Meditations book project

*Important Reminder* – Entries will be due by 8/31/2017


The elements you’ll be adding for the Morning Meditation submission are:

  1. Your full name you used to sign up to be an author in the book
  2. Your full name as you would like it to appear in the book – Some people write under a different name
  3. Your primary email address
  4. The title of your Morning Meditation – must be under 10 words
  5. Your Morning Meditation – must be under 300 words
  6. Your Bio – must be under 50 words
  7. Your Website address – if you have one
  8. Any special requests for your Morning Meditation
  9. Legal Name, Date, and Signature Granting Permission to Use your Meditation and Bio materials for this book
  10. Phone number

You will submit your Meditation online via this link:



  • It must be a Morning Meditation – no stories or prayers. This book is specifically to be used as a daily Morning Meditation resource.
  • You can copy and paste (or type) your entries into the submission form.
  • We are unable to accept them as attachments or in any other format.
  • Your Morning Meditation must be professionally edited prior to submission. If you would like us to edit it, there is a $10 fee. Simply check the box when entering your submission and pay the $10 fee. Your meditation must meet all of the requirements stated above as well.
  • Submissions will be proofread, and if found to need more editing (not formatting) you will have the option to have us edit it for a $10 fee, or you will have two days to have it professionally edited and resubmit. Professional editing is approximately $30. Please be sure to check for typing, spelling and punctuation errors. Also, remember to maintain total word count under 300 words for the meditation and 50 words for bio.


Things to remember when writing your meditation:

  • A meditation is a written work intended to guide others in contemplation. Each person has their own style of meditation, therefore there is no wrong way.
  • Please be mindful that you only have 300 words, so use your words wisely. A bunch of descriptive Do’s and Don’ts (find a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, relax your body) will use up a lot of words.
  • Make sure your title is clear and to the point. It can be 8-10 words maximum!
  • Remember, our intention is for people to start their day with our book. How do you want to guide them in starting their day?

Click HERE to view a number of Sample Meditations that are suitable for the 111 Morning Meditations – Create Your Day with Intention book.


As you can probably imagine, with over 100 authors, this is a very BIG project. Please read these guidelines and the submission requirements thoroughly. I have included everything I can think of to make this part of the process flow as gracefully as possible. One very important thing is the editing. We do not want meditation submissions that are not readable. Please do not have Uncle John read through and say ya, it looks good to me. This is a quality book and we want EXCELLENT quality.

Remember, the due date is 08/31/2017. Your submission must be in by midnight that night or you will forfeit your spot in the book as well as your $111 payment. Of course, we appreciate early submissions so we can begin the formatting of the meditations and get this book out into the world even sooner.

Our intention is to have the book ready for Holiday sales 🙂


If we have any questions about your submission, you will be contacted at the email address on file via your submission of payment. If you have any questions for us, please email my team at [email protected]

To ensure delivery of all the updates, please make sure that you have set up safe sender or whitelist or whatever your system requires, so that you receive my emails with the new information. This is very important. You will get things from, and, so please be sure all are set up to be received. Click HERE to review more details for “whitelisting” these addresses for your incoming email.
Please check your junk and spam regularly as things do seem to end up there sometimes 😉

We look forward to reading your contribution and sharing your message with the world!

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